The Company

Prior to 2008, our founder sought to provide a comprehensive scaffolding service which was capable of being an industry role model to others. After significant preparation, in 2008, Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd began as a fully operational scaffolding service within the south of England.

Since, we have focussed greatly on creating a workforce armed with the necessary skills to provide service quality. Currently, we possess a workforce of highly skilled individuals for their respective roles.

Employee qualifications within Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd range from our on-site staff who have been correctly trained in safe scaffolding practice whilst structural engineers and architects possess higher education degrees as well as governing body certifications.

This in-house resource of expertise ensures that we meet and exceed our clients expections with a breadth and depth of knowledge commonly associated with outstanding service providers and industry role-models.

Further to which, we take the utmost pride in educating our staff by consistently enrolling individuals for training courses which specifically enable them to exceed the requirements of thier role.

Our Commitment to the Community

Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd is here for the benefit of the community. We donate and sponsor to the following;

  • Black Eagles; our initial commitment to wildlife could not be more fitting than the black eagle. A strong, bold and agile creature capable of operating to precise accuracy represents what forms the core values of Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd.
  • Trees and tree planting; we do this as a gesture of good will for all of the wood boards we use on our access products. We continually aim to stay green and protect the environment.
  • & children; across the world we strongly believe investing in the future. We offer those with minimal access to vital necessities the opportunity to better their lives through our donations and sponsorships. Further to enriching the lives of the younger generation, we actively provide an apprentice scheme run in conjunction with CITB which, over the course of 24 months, builds practical working experience and educative qualifications for future scaffold tradesmen.

“I am deeply encouraged that our morals and values are being recognised and acted positively upon by numerous communities across London and the south of England. Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd continues to meet excellent service goals and is intent on continuing this business tradition.” (Chairman, 2014)