Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd has the capability to offer a variety of services using Traditional Tube and Fitting for simple to specialist access. Our tubes are to standard diameter 48.3mm and ranging in various lengths which allow us to meet your requirements.

Our tube and fitting products offer safety, reliability and access for residential, commercial and industrial jobs. These are inclusive of new designs, refurbishments, support and propping, house/extension building, engineering and bridging/temporary roofs. Accessories to accompany tube and fittings include debris netting, monoflex sheeting, scaffold cladding, modular beams and stair units.

The benefits of using traditional tube and fitting include total flexibility, adaptable scaffolding solutions, edge protection, safety gates, adjustable transoms and stair cases.

We are aware that all scaffolds are subjected to external forces and scenarios such as vibrations, high loading from passenger & goods hoists, long term duration and high risk areas. Our experts and operatives ensure that these issues are taken into full consideration when utilising our products to maximise operational success. Alongside this, between our senior professional scaffolding experts, 11 languages in total are fluently spoken to allow for maximum communication allowing precision on site . The ability to communicate effectively on a wide scale ensures that we can work with individuals from across the world.

Access Birdcages

Access Birdcages consist of arranged scaffolding material/tubes in parallel lines which are, most commonly, equally spaced apart. Benefits of this scaffold are that the top lift if boarded allows for work, for example, on ceilings and lighting in an internal space.

Advertising hoardings/banners

Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd aims to ensure that your on-site commercial company logo is as visible as possible whilst work takes place. If requested we will gladly attach hoardings/banners for our clients alongside our own onto the access structure. We actively aim to ensure that your business will continue to maximise its marketing potential whilst our access structure is erected.

Boiler scaffolds

Common especially with access to large power systems, station boiler scaffolds have difficulty mostly in erection due to thier unique requirements. The benefits of our boiler scaffolds are that access can be gained to the largest of boilers which can be inspected, serviced and replaced to meet the large demands of industrial purpose.

Bridge scaffolds

Bridge scaffolds range greatly but maintenance and transporting across are the two primary purposes. Specialist knowledge is required when dealing with complex structures to ensure that all issues are consulted ensuring health and safety is of paramount importance.

Buttressed free-standing scaffolds

Buttressed free standing scaffolds are erected when there is no building to connect to. Benefits of a buttressed free-standing scaffold are that they offer specialist work to be undertaken on power line crossings and carriageways.

Cantilevered scaffolds

A cantilevered scaffold is an independently tied scaffolding via cantilevered beams which are erected out from a structure or building. A cantilever scaffold is often a fast and simple solution for tube and fitting scaffolds, access to building fascia’s, pipework, cladding whilst avoiding bridged towers.

Dead Shores

A dead shore takes its name as it supports direct loads from above or a dead weight. The benefits of a dead shore is that is can be implemented to render vertical support to floors, roofs and walls. A well designed dead shore can be capable of holding very heavy loads up to 30kn per square meter.

Facade retention

Facade retention is the removal of a buildings innards, walls, columns and floors whilst maintaining the outer integrity of the structure. Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd has benefitted those who seek this service by preserving many historic, listed or architecturally unique inner city projects.

Flying shores

A flying shore is a dependant frame which offers support to walls and structures. This type of shore is possible when there is a need for a supported gap between two of more buildings. When erected the benefit of a flying shore is that it allows an open passage both below (down to ground level) and above

Lifting gantries and towers

Lifting gantries range in size and weight bearing load. They are relatively simple to assemble and use for the purposes of lifting shafts, rooftops into confined and difficult spaces.

Mobile and static towers (indoor /outdoor)

Mobile and static scaffolding towers are comprised of a reinforced either static or fully movable tower most commonly for the purpose of maintenance. The benefit of this tower is that it can be erected both indoors and outdoors and the mobile unit can be adjusted to address multiple tasks.

Protection Fans, Nets, Tarpaulin & Pavement Frames

With safety always of primary importance we offer protection fans, nets, tarpaulin and pavement frames to ensure that the likelihood of risk is significantly minimised. The benefits of this are that indirectly the surrounding public is aware of safety measures taken and directly the on-site staff are confident of their of the measures implemented to ensure their safety.

Raking shores

The raking shore is used to support a scaffold structure horizontally parallel from the ground. This is achieved by specifically placed scaffold tubes at an angle to offer the benefit of additional support to a vertical structure.

Slung and Suspended scaffolds

Slung and suspended scaffolding offers a solution to complex and structurally delicate projects which require precise maintenance.  From a fixed structure above, they are suspended by wire ropes or steel chains often used to provide access to working platforms. The benefits of this type of scaffolding are that they are lightweight so structural integrity is not compromised, economical and safe and simple to use.

Spectator Terraces and Seating Stands

Spectator terraces and seating stands form a vital part of the leisure environ. Our structures within the sport and leisure industry ensure that we meet the requirements of our client in ensuring the most effective build to gain maximum delivery of service.

Staircases and fire escapes

It is common that we provide staircase or fire escape structures. This ensures the necessity of safety and less difficulty when needing to reach a specific location within the building structure.

Steeple scaffolds

Steeple scaffolds allow repairs or maintenance and creation of architecturally unique building including industrial chimneys, church steeples, cooling towers, clock towers and bell towers. The benefits of this system are that free climbing is reduced to ensure safety and structural rigidity is increased.

Support scaffolds

Supported scaffolds consist of one or more platforms supported by outrigger beams, brackets, poles, legs, uprights, posts, frames, or similar rigid support. The benefits of using a support scaffold structure is that extra stability ensures that the structure is reinforced to withstand the harshest conditions allowing the best chance of preservation.

Temporary ramps and elevated roadways

We can provide a variety of solutions to create the correct ramp scaffolding for your needs. Whether a ramp is required for temporary access on a construction project, or a platform needed for a special event, we can provide all forms of scaffolding to benefit the working requirements.

Temporary roofs and temporary buildings

Temporary roofs enable us to offer full weather protection and containment throughout the duration of your project. Our temporary roofs are highly efficient modular systems which are quick to erect and dismantle.  They possess the flexibility to allow for the removal of key sections whilst under cover to permit the installation of plant and machinery.

Temporary site storage

Temporary site storage is a common way to store materials especially for specific work. The benefits of this are that Black Eagle Scaffolding Ltd offers a safe location for all of your materials to be kept and ready for practical use.

Truss-out Scaffolds

A truss scaffold is one or more triangular units with straight supports whose ends are connected at joints otherwise known as nodes. We have benefitted production organisations by erecting truss scaffolding for live events/shows in which specialist equipment must be placed upon our trusses.