Scaffolding is an important part of construction. It is installed at the very beginning of any construction project or maintenance work as a temporary platform offering a variety of benefits such as support, elevation and safety. 

What are the main reasons for scaffolding during construction?

1) Safety

Safety is a very important aspect of any job, however, construction comes with several safety risks. Using ladders for construction projects is not sufficient enough, especially on a larger scale. Scaffolding barriers such as netting and fencing can ensure that work from a height comes with limited dangers of falling etc. 

2) Access

Construction projects are often limited in access due to height. To resolve this issue, scaffolding is set up; allowing more flexibility to workers by allowing them to reach areas which they might struggle to access otherwise. Scaffolding is easy to construct and doesn’t obstruct road access, as it can be put around the perimeter of the buildings whilst still allowing access for pedestrians on the pavements beneath it.

3) Efficient 

Scaffolding is an efficient way of enhancing the peace of mind of workers of safety in which to carry out their duties. This improves the efficiency of the work being completed as they can be easily made, manoeuvred and shaped to the size of the building.